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Ball Buddy

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In the sport of tennis, during tennis drills and practice on the ball machine, you end up witha big mess of tennis balls to clean up from all over the court.

There are TWO common pieces of equipment which assist instructors and players on the court. FIRST is the instructor teaching cart, which can hold approximately 350 tennis balls at waist level; thus, when an instructor repeatedly reaches for balls while teaching,
or a player repeatedly reaches for balls while practicing, he/she has a large number of balls available without having to bend down to reach them or constantly collect them. These carts typically have four wheels and move longitudinally and laterally, which allows the tennis instructor to easily maneuver the cart to different areas of the tennis court. The SECOND common piece of equipment is called a tennis ball mower, which is a large and bulky machine used to collect a large amount of tennis balls from the court surface at one time. The mower has no outside power source; when it is pushed, a drum causes it to collect tennis balls and deposit them in a low-lying basket. When the basket is full of balls, the user bends down and transfers the basket of balls into the instructor teaching cart. The mower is bulky and space-wasting on the court and many of them jam while collecting balls.

The BALL BUDDY is an apparatus that combines the jobs of the instructor cart and ball mower into one piece of equipment. It gathers and lifts tennis balls to provide them in an easy-to-access manner to a tennis instructor or player. No outside power is necessary; the apparatus is simply pushed forward by the user, which engages the belt transport system to engage, collect and lift the balls. The balls may be deposited into a basket stationed at a higher point which is more accessible to the user and may avoid the extra and boisterous step of manually transferring/emptying the balls to where they will be used.

The current methods of collecting tennis balls collect the balls at the ground level, via tennis ball mowers, hand-held hoppers, tubes, etc… and require the manual transfer of balls from those mechanisms to the instructor cart of ball machine basket. These alternative methods are INEFFICIENT - they waste too much valuable time, which should
be used for hitting tennis balls AND they put unnecessary stress on the player’s body.

The Ball Buddy removes unnecessary equipment from the court - it’s easy on the body and allows for a more efficient and faster ball cleanup, taking stress of the body and allowing more time for playing! It’s time for a revolution in ball collection… The Ball
Buddy provides order on the court!

The Ball Buddy can be adapted to collect other types of sports balls and objects and its pending patent allows for that.


Link posts under Barbara Askenazi profile

Financial information

We are seeking a licensing agreement or outright sale of the Ball Buddy design, pending patent & pending trademark. We also have the tooling designed & priced out.

The Ball Buddy has not yet been sold, although we have started to create a buzz locally in Denver and via Linked In.

The market potential is unlimited! According to the Tennis Industry Association's latest research, of the total tennis economy of 5.94 billion, the court equipment sector claimed only $68 million. Their data further reveals that there are approximately 117,000 courts with programming in the US with up to 1,000,000 worldwide. A revolutionary product, like the Ball Buddy, can increase the court equipment's market presence.

Introduced as a system, the Ball Buddy & its accessory line of products will revolutionize ball retrieval around the world!!! With the ability to be priced in the range of the ball hopper & the instructor cart (the two pieces of equipment that the Ball Buddy replaces), customers will like the price. As the old equipment dies off, clubs will become increasingly reliant on the Ball Buddy & its line of accessory products for a better way to retrieve balls.

The patent pending transport lift/belt system that drives the Ball Buddy can be adapted and applied to baseballs, golf balls, etc... so its value is not confined to the sport of tennis.

Please visit my profile (Barbara Askenazi) on Link to view video of the Ball Buddy in action as well as feedback from tennis instructors and tennis players!

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