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[Category : - Swimming]
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This aquatic accessory instantly transforms millions of foam sandals ("Crocs") into great-fitting, ultra-comfortable swim fins. Millions of children around the world wear their Crocs to the beach, pool, and lake, and many are eager to experience the added fun and power of swim fins.
The accessory snaps onto Crocs. Flexible material, friction elements, and a mini-leash hold the accessory firmly in place. After swimming, the accessory snaps off.
Most swim fins for children are poor-fitting and uncomfortable. By contrast, the accessory creates perfect-fitting swim fins that are exceptionally comfortablebecause the child's feet only touch ultra-soft Crocs foam. The fins are also the right size for learning to swim and building confidence in the water.
According to its Annual Report, Crocs Inc. sells over 50 million pairs of foam clogs per year. So if just 5% of people who purchase Crocs also buy the aquatic accessory specifically designed for their Crocs, that's 2.5 million units in sales per year.
The product precedent for the accessory is "Jibbitz" charms which attach to Crocs. To date, more than $250 million worth of Jibbitz have been sold. And the accessory is specifically designed to accommodate Jibbitzso kids can personalize their swim fins just like they personalize their Crocs.
After kids (ages 4-10), the secondary market for the aquatic accessory is family snorkeling--where not having to remove your sandals at the beach is very desirable (because of hot sand, sharp rocks, and coral).

The Patent:
An aquatic accessory adapted for frictional attachment with a shoe being worn by a user comprises a receptacle portion and a fin portion extending outwardly from the receptacle portion. The receptacle portion is adapted to receive at least a portion of an inserted shoe, and frictionally attach with the shoe. Gripping members can be configured and angled in a manner for providing increased frictional attachment between the aquatic accessory and inserted shoe. The accessory can be fabricated from a stretchable material to provide a radial attachment force for enhancing frictional attachment between the aquatic accessory and an inserted shoe.

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