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[Category : - Advertising methods]
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Abstract: Embodiments of the present invention provide a system and a method for creating and delivering an advertisement to nearby user terminals based on a delivery option selected by a first user of a first user computing device. The first user selects a type of advertisement and a selling location. The first user computing device transmits the type of advertisement and the selling location to a server. The server determines atleast one nearby computing device, which allows the reception of advertisements under the selected type of advertisement, around the selling location. The server transmits an indication of the determined atleast one nearby
computing device to the first user computing device for displaying. The first then selects a delivery option and transmits the created advertisement to the server. The server transmits the advertisement to nearby user computing devices based on the delivery option selected by the first user.

The location based advertising is growing at fast rate. Location based advertising uses a customer's geographic location to transmit a location-specific advertisement to a number of
nearby customers. A geographic range around a physical location of an advertiser is used in which the advertisement is forwarded to a number of customers residing in that geographic
range. The advertisement is transmitted to the nearby customers either randomly or by using a specified algorithm (e.g targeted advertising). The advertiser is having very limited control
over the way the advertisement is to be transmitted to the nearby customers. This limited control given to the advertiser further worsens the effectiveness when the advertisement is to
be transmitted in real-time. Therefore, there exists a need to track the presence of number of nearby customers so as to make it simple for the advertiser to decide when and how to transmit
the advertisement to the nearby customers. Also, there is a need to provide a way to deliver locally customized advertising content in real-time to a number of desired nearby users without requiring undue effort and inconvenience to the advertisers.

So to sum up, the present invention is very handy to the local businessmen or shopkeepers or even to the common men. They can instantly create and send advertisement of their services/products or current offers to nearby users with a number of delivery options as disclosed in this invention.

Some of the application of the present invention are but not limited to:
1: A local shopkeeper creates an advertisement/offer about an item and wants to send this offer to nearby customers who can approach him in real time to get the offer or the item. The
shopkeeper selects his selling location and type of advertisement (item). All the nearby customers supporting the type of advertisement are displayed on the display screen of the shopkeeper’s device. The total number of the nearby customers is also displayed. The shopkeeper selects a delivery option and transmits the advertisement to the server. The server
transmits the offer to the nearby customers based on the delivery option. The shopkeeper can set the selling location by selecting the location of his shop if the shopkeeper is not present at his shop but wants to sell his offer/item from his shop. If the shopkeeper is currently in his shop his current location will be taken as the selling location as the default selling location. The shopkeeper can set his default location too where he does not need to set his selling
location every time. The nearby customers, after receiving the offer advertisement from the shopkeeper, can either opt to visit the selling location to buy the item/offer or they can choose interact with the shopkeeper but interacting through the interface and may request delivery of the item. They can also interact to negotiate the price of the item/offer.
2. A person wants to sell his old mobile phone. He enters the images of his old mobile phone with a price tag. He can also add other description about his mobile phone. He selects the delivery option and transmits the advertisement to the server. The server then transmits the advertisement associated with the selling location of the person to a number of nearby users (supporting the reception of advertisements related to mobile phones as type of advertisement) as per the delivery option selected by the person. The server can also associate a second advertisement of similar mobile phones which can be purchased from a second advertiser or manufacturer. A person of ordinary skill in the art can understand that the mobile phone is merely an example of an item that the person can sell by creating and transmitting the advertisement as per the embodiment of the present invention.
3. A person receives an advertisement created and delivered as per the embodiment of the present invention. The person feels the offer is suitable for him, he selects the advertisement and can see the selling location of the product/offer being advertised. He can visit the selling location to buy the product or can interact with the advertiser for further queries though the interface.
4. A businessman or a school or an institute can create an advertisement to offer various offers or services they provide.
5. A news or an announcement can be transmitted to the nearby users by a person.

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