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[Category : - Telecommunications]
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ABSTRACT: rnThe present invention discloses an apparatus for receiving incoming calls when the apparatus is switched off. The apparatus comprises a normal power off mode and a custom power off mode which can be selected by pressing a power button of the apparatus. The apparatus comprises a transceiver, a logic module and a power control module. In the normal power off mode all the main components, including the logic module and the transceiver, of the apparatus are powered off. In the custom power off mode most of the components are powered off but the logic module and the transceiver are powered-on. When a call is received in the custom power off mode, the logic module generates a power-on signal and transmits the power-on signal to the power control module for awaking other components of the apparatus.rnrnBACKGROUND OF THE INVENTIONrnThe electronic devices such as mobile phones, smart-phones, tablets, phablets, laptops, palmtops and other computer devices are used to communicate with each other through internet, GSM, 3G, 4G or any other communication technology currently available or to be evolved in future. These electronic devices are associated with a unique identifier (e.g. phone number in case of mobile-phones) which is used for establishing contact with a particularrndevice. However, when an electronic device (such as mobile phone) is powered off, it is not possible to contact with that electronic device. The powering off an electronic device can berndesirable when intended by a user of that electronic device and the user chooses to switch off his device for a period of time or until he powers on the device again. However, in case of accidental switching off of the electronic device, the user is not aware about the power status of his electronic device (mobile phone) and hence he may miss some urgent calls too. Also, the user may wish not to receive any calls from any phone number except some selected ones, but if he switches off the mobile phone he cannot receive calls from the selected ones too. Therefore, there exists a need to partially switch off such electronic devices in case of accidental switching off of the electronic devices. Also, there is a need to give the user the control to partially switch off his mobile phone when needed, and to be able to receive urgentrncalls in partially switch off mode.rnrnSome of the applications of the present invention are but not limited to:rn1. Mobile phone is capable of receiving incoming calls when the mobile phone is switched off (partially switched off) mainly when the mobile phone is accidently switched off as described in the invention.rn2. A user of a mobile phone may wish to receive calls from a selected number of other users, he can create a list of selected users’ phone numbers and stores in the logic module. When an incoming call is received, logic module (as explained in the invention) compares the calling number with the phone numbers stored in the list. If the number is present in the list, the call isrnreceived even when in custom or partial switched off mode. Other options for selective reception of incoming calls can also be implemented.rn3. Since the transceiver is working in the custom power off mode (and hence in accidental switch off), the location of the apparatus can be tracked as per the methods known in the prior art.

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