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Modular Inverter Magnetic Induction Water Heater

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We own 2 patents in the field of household and industrial water heaters.
Both patents contribute to make a new concept of household / industrial water heater being objectively the best electric water heater ever invented, which addresses all problems of current electric water heaters and adds new features that make it the most efficient, safe, fast and easy to repair and cheap to build water heater in the market today:

Completely New Approach
It solves all the problems associated with electric water heaters that are sold worldwide, adds new functionalities, greater energy savings and with a lower manufacturing cost.

Greater efficiency
The inverter design, the magnetic induction and the greater programmability make it the most efficient electric water heater on the market. In some cases it will not be necessary to install solar panels to comply with the new energy efficiency regulations in Europe and USA because its better efficiency will not lead to an energy deficit.

Greater security
The water tank has no active parts. All electronic parts are in the module. The water is never in contact with electricity, so the user's safety is 100% guaranteed.

No Technical Service Required
The module is Plug & Play and Hot Swappable. Thanks to the wire-less and screw-less design, the user simply ejects the damaged module and inserts the new one.

Minimum manufacturing cost
The cost of the active parts is 70% lower than those of an electric water heater based on heating elements.

The inverter technology varies power from 240W to 3200W providing an optimum programmability according to the needs and habits of the user, resulting in a great savings in the electricity bill.

Manual limitation of power
The user can manually limit the maximum power. A cottage only having a solar panel as the only source of energy could have hot water.

Does not require sacrificial anode
As it does not produce enough galvanic corrosion.

The deposit can be made of any size and the Inverter Module and several inverter modules can be added being modular.

We can send a brochure with further explanation.

Financial information

The Modular Inverter Magnetic Induction Water Heater aims to replace all current elements / resistors based water heaters in the world, making them obsolete.

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