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Pet Comfort Beds The Evolution Of the Pet Bed

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Pet Comfort Beds are the Evolution Of The Pet Bed, functional while offering options to provide comfort for your pet. Pet Comfort Beds innovative patented pocket design prevents bunching up of bedding by allowing the insertion of a crate tray pan inside the beds unique interior pocket, secured with closure to keep bedding flat which discourages digging and chewing. The inserted tray pan protects flooring and carpets in case of accidents. Pet Comfort Beds Padded Inserts can be added to customize the plushness of bed or be used as a pet comfort mat offering options to insure comfort for your pet.. Visit This patent is a dual patent the pocket design can also be used in a heathcare or veterinary setting as a Pocket Medi Pad. The custom pocket drape design allows the insertion of a cage tray, exam or surgical table to keep the absorbent pad flat for the patient to lay on for comfort, while keeping pad away from sutures and wounds to prevent infection.

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