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Product Description:
Over a period of time, a container of protective or decorative materials (e.g., paint, stain, varnish or the like) suspended in a liquid medium of any viscosity becomes hardened or discolored when stationary. The quick or frequent use of the liquid medium can mitigate the hardening issue. Most users, however, only use a portion of liquid at a time, while the rest remains in the container for possible later use. Frequently, the liquid medium product becomes unusable after a long period of time and discarded. The life of the liquid medium product could be extended significantly if the liquid is moved periodically or even continuously by external kinetic motions to the container.
The Extended Life Paint Storage is a stackable shelf unit that introduces periodic kinetic motion to containers and can also be used to mix on demand and then provide a carry case for up to four gallon paint cans at a time.

What consumer frustration does this product solve?
Most consumers purchase more paint or stain than is needed for a particular project. Usually that extra product will be needed for touch-up, etc. at some time in the future. The consumer will place these product cans on a shelf until the time comes to use it again. When that time comes, the product inside the can may require extensive mixing if it hasn’t hardened to the point of being unusable. In most cases, the mixing of the product will not fully restore its was original properties (color, texture, etc.).

Product Benefits
The Extended Life Paint Storage system allows the consumer to store paint and stains with confidence in a manner that will periodically or continuously mix the product. This container motion will prevent separation or hardening of the product over time, which will result in less waste and consumer savings. An average gallon of paint costs approximately forty US dollars. A single Extended Life Paint Storage shelf can hold up to four gallons of paint. If the paint inside the can can be saved for reuse, preventing the purchase of replacement paint, the consumer can save up to $160.00 per unit per cycle of paint purchases.

Describe Competing Products
Competing can storage products are simply a static shelving unit that does not prevent separation or hardening of the product over time. This causes waste of expensive and possibly hard to replicate paint and stains.
Competing mixing products of paint, etc. focus on the one-time pre-use mixing of the colorant or active ingredient into the liquid medium, not the long term sustainability of the product. The other mixing devices either require a mixing assembly placed directly into the liquid, which requires cleaning, or are able to only mix one container of liquid at a time.

Financial information

Consumer Unknowns
The true consumer desire to save an existing paint, stain, or varnish vice buying a new product needs to be explored fully. Personally, I prefer to save a paint if possible to avoid another trip to the store and to make sure I have the same color match for patches, etc. This consumer saving desire could vary by demographic and income ranges.

Market Uncertainty
The main uncertainty would be the price point consumers would be willing to pay in order to save multiple cans of paint, stain, or varnish. The assumption is that the price would need to be less than four gallons of new paint. Four gallon cans being the designed holding capacity for a single Extended Life Paint Storage Shelf.

Technology Knowledge Gaps
None of the core technologies used in the Extended Life Paint Storage System are new or require expensive technology development. The beauty of the system is that it simply uses a simple motor or human power to rotate the shelf and physics and chemistry does the rest.

Must Haves
The Extended Life Paint Storage is so compelling in that it is a simple long-term solution that can keep paint, stain, or varnish fresh for an indefinite amount of time with little or no attention needed by the consumer. In order to minimize the long term burden on the consumer a configurable timer would need to work together with the electric motor to rotate the shelf on configurable time intervals.

Quick Wins
In the near term the simple Extended Life Paint Storage can be produced even if it is just the manual rotation version to show the utility of the system and create a demand for the automated version.

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