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Innovative shelf and/or display cabinet for shops, home and office

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The System-X is a profile-based shelf and cabinet system mainly designed for shops and trade fair booths, where the demands for functionality and esthetic is very high. Obviously, it can be used for Home & Office applications as well.
The adaptability of the System-X towards costumer’s needs is extraordinarily high, but the assembling process is incredibly easy and tool free. The main sticking point of the patent is that the System-X columns and walls are composed by the combination of 5-15 standard profiles, that can result in hundreds, or even thousands, of tool free combinations in no time.
The System-X allows the installation of discrete integrated LED profiles and many other functionalities, like sound equipment, electrification, draws, doors, mirrors and the combination of the most different materials like foam, wood, Acrylic, MDF and aluminum in the same furniture and shelf compartment.
Furthermore, the constructional concept, used in another scale, can be used for other applications like booth walls for trade fairs or even wood houses, etc. The production costs are low and so is the production setup as well (profiles); the benefits can be perceived easily by anyone and be assembled by any person without previous knowledge.
There is nothing in the market that comes close to it in terms of flexibility and individual configuration possibilities. You can sell it to everyone (home, office, shop) and worldwide. The patent registration has been made by a renewed Patent Office in Munich, Germany, and the description / claims cover a wide range of possibilities. I can send a presentation with all benefits and features when requested. Prototypes are also available.

The five pictures here show only a very small part of thousands of possibilities.

The Perman patent is granted: DE 1020140001802
The European Patent 15000348.1 is in progress and the new research showed no new conflicts with other patents.

Financial information

I can sell the patent or license it. This depends what makes more sense for the buying party.
This System-X is good for companies which are used to work with aluminium or wood profiles and are also used to sell systems and not fully defined furnitures pieces.

It is also possible to build up a kind of franchising system offering the entire setup for possible production and sales partners around the world since its to expensive to ship shelfes and cabinets if the distances are to big.

It can become a game changer in the shop market since there are no systems for little shops or smaller shop chains with such an application flexibility.

The name of the system don´t has to be System-X.

The price below of 200.000€ is the minimum depending on the kind of agreement. I want to receive part of the royalties as well.
If I sell the complete Patent and without royalties participation, the price will be higher.

For USA market I pretend to charge only design fees instead of royalties.

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