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Hydraulic push button vehicle lifting Jacks.

[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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My invention is about a new way of changing a flat tire. A vehicle operator doesn't have to manually jack up his or her vehicle and be exhausted. My new idea takes away the hardest part dealing with a flat and that's getting vehicle off the ground. As you probably already know we dont have these systems mounted on vehicles today and we should with as many tire flats we have in the US alone (220 million tire flats per year) My Jack system also have strobe lights on each jack base to alert on coming traffic of a situation ahead. My invention makes it easy for anyone to change a flat Male or female. That 25 min tire change is a thing in the past with Minute Jack you can change flat in 5 to 10 mins and you dont have to worry about Jack slipping while raised in up position, it comes with safety pins for each Jack for added safety and its frame mounted. Operator just needs to push button in trunk to raise and lower vehicle.

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