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gadget di ultima generazione+

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this project starts from a situation really met, the ability to train freely without time limits, not being bound by commitments of any kind and allowing each athlete to do their exercises without haste even in the evening / night band having a visibility and a security such as not to jeopardize both one's own life and that of others.
This device is in fact, compared with devices that try to imitate our unique product / patent:
first of all it is compatible with any object having a fine / string like:
shoes, sweatshirts, trousers, bracelets, beachwear, exceptions.
it is in fact able to:
- '' mate '' with all types of footwear (endowed with string end), from the most sporty to the most elegant, without affecting the comfort and aesthetics of the product but rather, improving and marking it further making the shoe unique in the its kind (being able to personalize it at will).
- allows you to be more visible to the eyes of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists greatly reducing the percentage of risks both to ourselves and those who live around us.
-for more than 3 years, it is a good device to have fun and / or keep up with fashion.

The SHOWEL device, from the union of the two words shoe (SHOES) and jewel (JEWEL) is ready to go out on the international market in 3 unique models of its kind, each able to solve a different problem:
SHOWEL DROX: device for night / night recognition of the H24 sportsman, able to make you visible more than 50 meters away, thus reducing the possibility of accidents and being quieter in the less illuminated streets (models created in PVC)
SHOWEL AF: exclusively design device, pure fashion, adornment for your most elegant footwear (models created in carbon fiber)
SHOWEL GPS: device designed for the most lively children, so you have them under control at any time or a valid alternative for people with Alzheimer's disease, tending to forget and then inclined to lose (SELF-LEARNING)

Andrea Ferraioli

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