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Dimorphic Media Actuator (DMA)

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DMA is high-extension-ratio linear actuator that is stronger, lighter, more compact, and cheaper to produce than any other.[]

The DMA drive mechanism forms a tubular column of arbitrary length from 3 strips of material. On retraction, the strip material is stored in a spool, flat sheath, or another tubular column via a second DMA drive. Current DMA prototypes have column diameters of 35mm and 47mm but a wide variety of column diameters (2 cm-200 cm) are possible.

The next best actuator on the market (Spiralift) is large, heavy, expensive, and cannot handle torque or tensile loading - it's just a lift column. Even worse are bi-stable spring-based actuators which have such low load bearing capacity, they're only good for antennas or solar collectors.

Financial information

DMA is a general purpose device that, in various forms, appeals to a wide variety of markets, from aerospace to toys. I have a long list of companies that want to buy the product but no funding with which build a production line to manufacture it. E.g. the recreational vehicle industry alone constitutes a large enough market to justify capital investment for this invention but they're buyers of actuators, not a producers.

I've been pursing aerospace companies looking to exchange my IP for cash (enough to build a production line) and an exclusive license to manufacture for non-aerospace. It seems unlikely that I'd get paid from such a deal until they're paid (by satellite builders) with only world-wide patenting fees (before my PCT runs out) on offer until such time.

A large company that already produces OEM components could easily afford and be able to develop this tech on a cash and royalties basis. In any case, i'd like to see it used everywhere it can be.

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