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[Category : - Telecommunications- Navigation and orientation- Security and alarms]
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An unmanned aerial vehicle defense system may include a sensor network having a plurality of radio receivers that are operable to detect a radio signal broadcast by the unmanned aerial vehicle. A control system operatively associated with the sensor network includes a processing system to identify the unmanned aerial vehicle detected by the sensor system. The control system also includes a countermeasures system that develops a countermeasure based on the identity of the unmanned aerial vehicle. A transmitter system operatively associated with the control system transmits the developed countermeasure to the unmanned aerial vehicle. The unmanned aerial vehicle subsequently operates in accordance with the developed countermeasure.

This defense system is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Deep Learning process to create a Direct Aviated Response (DAR) command and control of Aero Vehicles (Urban Flying Vehicles/Flying cars) & Drones. DAR features an AI Drone HandShake Technology that creates multiple systems to protect aircraft from drones, to create a multiple level traffic systems for flying cars and drones, to create a Cyber Security System for Banks, Casinos, Insurance Firms, Energy producing structures and other infrastructures needing security from a Cyber Drone attack, and military applications for air, sea, and land.

Financial information

The economic context can be shaped actively by Pilots, Aircraft Industry, Financial Institutions, First Responders, Airports, Venues, Casinos, Military, and Smart cities that would influences businesses to make investments or create jobs. These are one of many influencing factors coming from this technology and the disrupting value into flight travel, transportation, and automobile industry as flying cars enter the market in 2023.

We will consider the following Options:
1.) Outright Sale of the patent at Pre-File Stage with products entering the market- $28 Million
2.) Outright Sale of the Patent once its file without products in the market- $175 Million
3.) Outright Sale of the Patent Pre-File if 1-4 products enter the market the range will be from Over $500 Million
4.) Outright Sale of the Patent once it files if 1-4 products are entering the market TBD

Market Potential: Ownership of the Patent controls the Drone Industry and the Urban Air Mobility Industry (Flying Vehicles) at the National and International Level.

Owning the Patent Market Value with Licensing, OEM, Devices, in 2 years $500 Million

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