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Slide adjuster for belt and buckle

[Category : - Wearing apparel- Headwear- Footwear]
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A synthetic-resin made and single-peace structured slide adjuster in which a buckle section has an appearance not so visible. In the slide adjuster for a belt and a buckle, an engagement claw of the buckle is engaged in an engagement groove having a form like saw teeth formed on an external surface of the belt. In the engaged state the belt can move forward but can not move backward. The buckle comprises a buckle body having a bottom plate and a ceiling frame opposite to each other and two side plates for connection between the bottom plate and the ceiling frame and also having an internal space for insertion of the belt; and an operating plate provided in the horizontal posture inside the ceiling frame and having an engagement claw provided on a bottom surface of an end portion thereof and capable of being engaged in the engagement groove of the belt and also having a pressed section provided at another end portion thereof for releasing the engagement. The operating plate is supported by a connecting shaft for connection between the two side plates at an intermediate point between the engagement claw and the pressed section and can swing around the intermediate point as a fulcrum.; A pair of hooking projections is provided on an external surface of the belt and the pressed section for making it possible for a user to pull the buckle and the belt closer to each other with finger tips of one hand.

Financial information

We are looking for an outright sale or a license with royalties.
Our invention has not been previously sold. However, our very similar invention (US 6457210) has been sold; 1.5 million units sold per year in Japanese market.

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