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Intermodal Container Repair System (Pneumatic Hydraulic)

[Category : - OTHER- DESIGN PATENTS- Pneumatic Accessories]
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An apparatus used to repair damage from metal body panels of a transportation container. The apparatus includes a platform having wheels that can optionally be locked. The apparatus further includes a pivoting arm that can be selectively raised, lowered, extended or retracted to repair virtually any area of a transportation container. At the end of the pivoting arm is a cross-arm member comprised of a piston repair arm that can be fitted with a plurality of attachments depending on the contours of the surface being repaired. The area to be repaired can include perimeter walls, ceilings, doorframes, and/or corner posts. The pivoting arm and piston repair arm are driven using a pneumo-hydraulic system that is lighter than any other system currently used on transportation repair devices. The substantial reduction in weight allows the apparatus to readily enter transportation containers and be easily handled by a single operator.

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