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Mosaic piece (YUKIZNA- Bag, Wallet, etc.)

[Category : - Beauty, clothes & personal articles- Wearing apparel- Furnitures]
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Provided is a piece of cloth, wherein clothing composed of a soft and lightweight material can be constituted of flat small pieces. A piece of cloth consists of a hexagonal central part, and first and second peripheral edge parts located alternately at the peripheral edges of the central part. The first and second peripheral edge parts share one side of the hexagons, a first cut having a length shorter than the length of the side but longer than a quarter thereof is made in the border line of the first peripheral edge part and the central part, and second cuts having a length equal to or slightly longer than one half of [(the length of the side)-(the length of the first cut)] are made on the border line of the second peripheral edge part and the central part from the opposite ends of the side.

Financial information

We are looking for a license with royalties or outright sale.
Our products debuted on Japan market in 2018. However, we don't have enough money to spread our products to overseas.
We have a trademark, design patents, a website.

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