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Quick-release hooking mechanism for a swing

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A hooking mechanism for a swing comprises a support bracket that has been designed to facilitate removal from a conventional porch swing. The bracket comprises a central area and a pair of opposing legs. The bracket is designed to support the swing from the underside of the armrest of the swing by connecting the swing to an upwardly tethered support chain. The chain passes through an aperture in the armrest and connects to the central area of the bracket. The leg portions catch and support the armrest and thereby support the rest of the swing.
Story Behind the Invention
Inventor Randall Lee McGowen of Hattiesburg, MS has created a support bracket for a swing designed to facilitate an easy removal of the swing.

Homeowners often find themselves having to remove their porch swings for various reasons, such as moving or preparing for winter. Traditional methods present a frustrating and time consuming process whereupon a person often struggles to remove the swing from its chain. Furthermore, in times of extreme weather conditions, individuals do not have the time to struggle with removing their swings. Swings must be removed almost immediately. Inventor McGowen has created a means for a support bracket to make it possible for the quick removal of a swing.

This clever new invention quickly releases a swing. The device is easy to use. It supports from the underside of the seat. It saves time and frustration. It is especially convenient in times of extreme weather. The use of the Quick-Release Hooking Mechanism for a Swing makes it possible for the easy removal of a swing from its chain in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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