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Painting System

[Category : - Construction Processes & Equipment- DESIGN PATENTS- Tools]
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A painting system that enables painters to go up and down a ladder utilizing both hands. The SafePaint system is a device that is worn around your neck via a lanyard that connects to the paint container.

It allows the painter balance and stability being able to keep one had free for balance and the other for painting. It also is in line with the OSHA recommended "3 points of contact", thus preventing ladder falls/injuries and possibly death.

There are no competitors that have this functionality.

Financial information

KPower Enterprises, LLC is looking to sell the patent rights to SafePaint, in addition to the SafePaint trademark rights and the rights to Link

Every day 500 people are injured or killed in the United States by falling off of ladders. 97% of those injuries occur in the home. Estimates of economic impact exceed $700 million per year in direct medical costs, disability costs and lost time.

The market potential is the broad base of homeowners and DIYers. Same market potential that are customers of the big box home improvement stores.

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