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Fire and smoke suppressing surface for substrates

[Category : - CHEMISTRY]
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This invention relates generally to fabrics, films, sheets and other supporting media that contain and transport fire retarding materials. These transport media deliver fire retarding and smoke suppressing constituents to the surface of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite substrates during a manufacturing process. Upon exposure to open flame or radiant heat, the resultant manufactured product has much lower surface flammability and smoke development characteristics than would otherwise be achieved by the substrate material alone. By economizing the fire retardant constituents at the surface only, cost is reduced while also avoiding deleterious adulteration of the substrate material. When fire is prevented from penetrating the surface, combustion of the entire part is delayed or prevented. By embedding fire retardant within the surface using the native resin, no peeling or chipping occurs (as with paint), and the finish will be essentially as hard and durable as an untreated part.

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