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Automobile Torque Wrench set.

[Category : - Tools]
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This product is patent as a provisions patent with the number #62736570 good for 12 months to attract investors and manufacturers for sales before rolling it to a Non- provisional for 20 years. . The Automobile Torques Wrench set is a kit that comes with four different types of Wrenches. The first one is a power impact gun with the necessary power and torque to work on the tires of vehicles like Car, trucks and RV's. After finding out the torque setting from your manufacture it allows you to pick the torque from the LCD controls in order to fasten the nuts at the proper torques. This prevents nuts from cracking an causing accidents on the road or stripping of the nut bolts. The second one is another gun but with less power for other work around the car, The third is an angle Ratcheting wrench for hard to reach areas but with power and also with torques setting abilities allowing you to fasten nuts with their proper torque also preventing stripping and cracks of the nuts. And the last one is a manual angle wrench that is sold separately but include in this kit as a gift for other jobs and screw bits as well for hard to reach areas. If interested please email me at [Use the button below to contact me]

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