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[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS]
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The present invention relates to a device with corresponding accessories, for introducing agents into a plant body, which is used to treat trees or plants during the growing phase. The device consists specifically of a cannular conical implant for endotherapy in plants, is made from plastic or another innocuous, sterilisable biocompatible material, and administers constant, continuous, measurable and controllable doses of a flow, for example nutrients, phytosanitary substances, agricultural inputs, pesticides, bactericides, insecticides, fungicides and acaricides. The multiple-cone implant can be adapted to any low-pressure irrigation system based on, for example, gravity or external energy sources. The implant comprises a permanent and hermetic entry means for ensuring, measuring and controlling a flow of water, gas or solutes that enters directly into the circulation and distribution channels of the plant, the xylem and phloem, and contributes to the execution of nutritive, preventative and curative processes and in cases of disease, plague, or nutritional or water deficiencies, by means of a main body that has an adjusting thread and a conical opening with an entry having a helicoidal perforation; a connector body with protuberances in the form of two cones in the shape of an inverted fish spine; and an adjusting nut with two internal dimensions for coupling the conical end of a sleeve, the connector body with protuberances, and the main body.

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