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Fingerprint Identified Spark Generator and working Method

[Category : - Security and alarms]
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i. Statement of Problem
With all the effort and investment companies, industries and manufacturers have done to make lighters more safe and unable to be used or driven by children's but the problem still there and its obviously making a big loss in life's property and money as we said in the introduction. The lighters still not able to prevent children's 100% from using it, which is causing all these residential fires worldwide. In addition of safe use for the gas burner or stoves is also not available. We can just summarize all the problem by saying we don’t have 100% limitation or denial of use for lighters, gas burners and stoves with authorized individuals (...Parents.) or by unauthorized machine users in industries and factories that use spark igniters. With all the care and attention might parents or managers and supervisors might take for their houses or industries respectively the danger and risk without this limitation or use denial still found there.

ii. Invention Targets and solutions
The invention target is to stop and limit the fires caused by children in the residential places, and by unauthorized machine users in industries and factories that use spark igniters. The IMMORTAL LIGHTER will solve this problem and 100% deny the use of lighters, gas burners and stoves or any other equipment's that need spark ignitions with only the people who are authorized by storing their fingerprint in the system of this invention. This will lead to decrease or finish the life, property and money losses occurring annually worldwide from fires risk.

iii. Most important and preferable Uses
The invention can be used as a plasma lighter for firing trashes or cigarette by the owner fingerprint only, which have an advantage also in decreasing the percentage of steeling lighters by other smokers worldwide and blocking children's from using the lighters to fire anything inside or outside the house or any residential. In addition, the invention can be used as a spark generator or igniter to drive the gas burner or diesel and wood stoves or any other equipment's that need spark to be driven by authorized users fingerprint only.

Financial information

I am available for any offer and negotiation around this patent. Its newly registered and still not published.
This patent have took an application number and entrance number in TPI (Turkish Patent Institution) and we are now going forward to PCT application.

Application NO. 2018/07907
Entrance NO. 2018-GE-246048

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