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Pet waste container

[Category : - PET PRODUCTS]
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The present invention is a waste container and comprises a hollow base, a drawer assembly, drawer receiver, laterally-slidable drawer, tray, pivot mechanism, and air freshener actuator. The drawer assembly and drawer receiver provide a mechanical means to push in and pull out the laterally-slidable drawer. The laterally-slidable drawer contains the tray responsible unto which waste is deposited. The pivot mechanism positions the tray horizontally and vertically for receiving waste and disposing of it in the base. Because the drawer assembly is separated from the hollow base the user is provided with two separate compartments, one for inserting waste and one for storing it. Also, the nuisance of coming into contact with harmful odors and bacteria in the base is eliminated. Furthermore, the air freshener actuator releases an air freshener into the base to prevent unwanted odors from permeating through the container.

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