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Dry Surface Carving Ski Apparatus

[Category : - Ski, snowboarding, skating and skate boarding]
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The problem faced by skiers is that depending on geographical location skiing seasons typically only last 3-4 months and in recent years have been often disrupted by the climate changes due to global warming. There is a definite need for off-season activity similar to skiing not only for competitive skiers but also wider skiing community. This need has been manifested by creating in many countries in-door snow centers and “dry” slopes.
The current device trademarked Rollercarvers™ represent a major improvement in dry surface skiing in terms of safety and user experience which is similar to skiing on modern carving skis. Since Rollercarvers™ require low decline to ride they can practically be used anywhere where a slightly sloping surface can be found. In addition Rollercarvers™ can double as cross-country skiing training device.
Several prototypes has been built, tested and endorsed by skiing instructors and former Olympians. It has been optimised for simple, low cost manufacturing.
Here are product demonstration links for hard surface and soft surface versions:

Financial information

There are tens of millions of skiers around the world and the value of skiing equipment sold every year is in the order of billions of dollars. Capturing even a small percentage of this market for Rollercarvers™ represents a significant business potential.

The invention has not been sold but in the past I received offers of purchase by a European company which I rejected as I preferred a licensing agreement.

I have trademarks (Rollercarvers) and registered domains and

I am preferably looking for an outright sale but will consider other options.

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