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[Category : - ELECTRONICS- HEALTH- Tools]
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An improved health and safety system for a table saw includes one or more of: a blade guard that protects the operator from the saw blade, and contains and collects sawdust; a proximity detector and emergency saw motor braking means for use in connection with such blade guard; an anti-kickback device for use in connection with such blade guard, a rip fence adapter for use in connection with such a blade guard, and hoses and fittings to connect the dust containment and collection system of said blade guard to a shop dust collection blower or vacuum system. The system protects the saw operator from potential traumatic injury to a hand, and from ingesting potentially carcinogenic sawdust.

Financial information

Whirlwind Tool Company is for sale.

A sale will include my website Link the proof of concept prototypes shown on my website and technical support to assist buyer in developing production products. I have a proven global demand for these personal safety products and hundreds of written requests from governments, major and small business, schools and individuals. There have been more that one million hits on Link

I have another US Patent Application that is pending as US 2015/0212512 A1. This patent is for disruptive technology that will change the insurance industry relating to worker injuries caused by machine tools.

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