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Magnetic and articulated device to plug wateringress in a ship

[Category : - MECHANICAL ENGINEERING- Boating]
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Flexypatch® products series are revolutionary magnetic patches or cofferdams supported by an innovative patented technology which seals and prevents liquid ingress or leaks without the need for drilling, welding or gluing when it is placed in the most pressurised area of the boundary to be sealed.rnrnFlexypatch products are flexible and capable of adapting to three curved, rough surfaces.rnrnFlexypatch products can save your cargo and can prevent environmental pollution. They can avoid costly oil spill penalties and revenue lost from ship and cargo losses.rnrnWith our magnetic cofferdams you can repair it afloat with no condition of class and fully approved by any Classification Society.rnrnUnder water welding and repairs with standard welding procedures. No under water wet welding.rn

Financial information

I am the owner of the company ownning the invent and inventor of this device variety that plug instantaneously a water ingress in a vessel so she does not sink. This is one of the many uses they have. These products are covered by two patents, one is frezeed and the other one is active. The patents are only Spanish.

We have sold many units to the Spanish, USA, Philippines, Dutch, German... underwater works companies. Also we have sold them to the Spanish Navy (We are now immersed in a batch providing) and to the US Navy which is very interested on them.

These products are very innovative and when a potential buyers know them, they just buy them. They are self selling. You can have a look to our website to know more about them. Link

We are thinking to sell the full business branch with clients, trade maker registered name, websited dominio and patents including the “know how” and all the rights. We are open to teach the buyer to manufacture them and that can be included in the agreement.

The reason for selling a profitable business is the size limitation of our company for an international business.

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