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LooMate, The Automatic Handsfree Portable ToiletSeatCloser

[Category : - Appliances and houseware- DESIGN PATENTS- Bathroom]
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SALES can be via the website to sell Worldwide having a HUGE 'Market & Income' potential in the $$$millions.. Link

Battery Operated - An Automatic Hands-Free Detachable Toilet-Seat-Closer that suits Side Flush Toilet Suites & Centre Flush Toilet Suites


LooMate can be set up as a HOME BASED BUSINESS-VIA WEBSITE and 'Marketed & Sold' from your HOME-BASED OFFICE...with minimal effort...
LooMate can be Marketed & Supplied to a wide range of RETAIL / COMMERCIAL & BATHROOM OUTLETS...your choice..!

Statistically, the 'Toilet Seat' BEING LEFT UP after the man has used it is the highest rated annoying household habit that ladies and even men have been complaining about for many generations. Ever since toilet seats were invented, men have been getting into trouble for not placing the toilet seat back down after relieving themselves. The LooMate product alleviates the problem simply.

PLEASE GO TO Website Link to view product & video and how it works. Link

The LooMate product is compatible with American (USA) styles of toilet seats and lids, including those that are up to 3/4 of an inch thick.

The LooMate business SALE would be an uncomplicated, straightforward transfer that includes Patents, Trademarks, Branding, Stock, Product Manufacturing Files, Website, the TV advertising commercials (on the website), and any social media relevance.

***PLEASE NOTE*** This Granted USA & AUSTRALIAN Patent 'ALSO' allows for this product concept to be engineered & designed to be 'PERMANENTLY BUILT INTO THE TOILET LID in conjunction with a SOFT/SLOW CLOSE TOILET SEAT.

*How do I 'attach' the LooMate product?
VIEW the video clips on the LooMate website Link

*How does LooMate work?
VIEW video clips on the LooMate website Link *NOTE* the LooMate product is compatible with SIDE FLUSH TOILET CISTERNS.

***NOTE. *** If you forget to flush OR choose not to flush, the LooMate will AUTOMATICALLY put the 'toilet seat' back down after 2 minutes from when it was first activated, it's as simple as that....

The LooMate product is powered by 3 AAA batteries (included with product sale).

A link of advertisement to use. Link

Financial information

PLUS stock at cost price.
Patents, Trademarks, Website.
ALL transferred to you..

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