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Multi Air Pump

[Category : - Tools]
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The development and construction of a pneumatic device, called '' Multi Air Pump ''
that can cause a plunger in and outward movement without an external supply line.
The outgoing movement of the plunger can develop a controlled high forces.
The movement of the plunger can be performed more than 100 times with a filling of a screwable and standard reservoir.
The field of application of this MultiAir Pump is very large.
An example of application is a glue clamp where the screw handle is replaced by this device.
However, this device can be used in all applications where you have to carry out rectilinear compressive forces.


The time gain that is achieved by pressing the button instead of a manual screw movement.
The physical effort is nil where one has to exert greater forces with another clamping system.


In summary, this device makes every clamping or pushing movement easier,
more user-friendly and, above all, much faster than a traditional clamping or pressure system.
The Multi Air Pump can be used in various sectors. some examples of obvious sectors are:
- Metal construction
- Construction
- Interior
-- Car
-- Windows and doors
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