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Multipurpose Mobile Utility Lifting Ergonomic Cart

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3-d Cad using lifting actuator Link

The Mule is an ergonomic Cart that has a rising platform. The top surface has inserts for different users. Painters, Chefs, Mechanics, Housecleaning, Podiums, computers, medical etc. The Mule has a charging station underneath that powers any equipment, including a possible actuator to lift the top surface. There is a tube from the top surface that leads to disposal underneath. The arm that rises has a built in brake. At whatever height the user desires the surface locks in place. The surface will not drop unless the user releases the brake. The Mule has a magnet at the rear to attach to other devices such as a longer cart or metal wall.

A multipurpose mobile utility lifting ergonomic cart consists of a structural frame, a platform, at least one insert, a plurality of wheels, and a height-adjustable arm. The height-adjustable arm extends from the structural frame and is connected to the platform so that the platform can be positioned at varying heights. The platform provides workspace for the user by being attached to the at least one insert that can be, but is not limited to, a dish drying rack, a podium insert, or a house cleaner rack. The structural frame can be used for holding items such as boxes or cleaning supplies. The plurality of wheels allows the user to move the apparatus from one location to another.

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