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[Category : - Telecommunications]
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PURPOSE: A protection film for a smart device is provided to promptly and accurately adhere to an LCD display of a smart device based on a configured marking. CONSTITUTION: An upper release paper(100) includes a marking unit(110) configured to the outer surface for accurate adhesion to an LCD display of a smart device. One or more cutting units(210) are formed on a plane of a lower release paper(200). The lower release paper is divided by the cutting unit. A mobile web server or an application is provided to mark a configured marking on an LCD display of the smart device before adhering to a protection film. The mobile web server or the application accurately adheres to a film by matching the marking unit of the protection film with a marking on the LCD display.

It gives the alignment when people do attach the screen protectors.
The smart devices getting bigger, it comes buttonless physically on the surface.
All devices covered by mobile application with each OS.

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