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Devices to automate process for cleaning showers and bathtubs

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Simple2Clean has completed the primary testing on and is developing three innovative patented devices. Each device automates the World's first effective process to eliminate everyone's need to manually scrub their bathtubs and showers. Between the three devices, everyone who has the need to clean a bathtub or shower can now eliminate the manual labor involved with that cleaning. The three patented devices are the first and only to utilize and automate a process that is so powerful and effective that it that it makes these devices the only devices to eliminate the manual labor from cleaning your bathtubs and showers. All three systems:

• uses the same patent pending process that eliminates the need to manually scrub your bathtub or shower.
• eliminates the need to manually cleaning your bathtubs and showers.
• will save the user time.
• can save the user enough money to pay for itself.
• is so effective, that the thickest layers of soap scum can be removed with no manual scrubbing, and rust stains, calcium deposits, and hard water stains are removed with no manual labor.
• uses your favorite common household cleaners, including vinegar if so desired .
• can recycle the cleaner and minimize waste.
• can disinfect with every cleaning.
• will prevent mildew.
• is better for your bathtub and shower surfaces than manual scrubbing.
• serves a different type of customer.

Between the three of them, everyone who cleans a shower or bathtub can benefit from the one of their choice.

The process is patent pending to strengthen the IP of the utility patent.

Financial information

I am open to selling the patents (US, China, and US Process application) and all that goes with it (trademarked name, website, domains, corporate names, ...). I will soon have a professional and independent Pro Forma finished. That will give us a starting point. Everything is negotiable.

Simple2Clean® Executive Summary
Company Summary: Simple2Clean®, DBA is a brand new manufacturing company being built to change the way the world cleans their bathtubs and showers. Although Simple2Clean®, DBA is a pre-revenue company, it is creating a new annual, multi-billion dollar retail market. It has no debt and no investors. It is solely owned be the founder.

Corporate Structure: Simple2Clean®, DBA is currently structured as a subsidiary to World Solutions, LLC.

Products/Patents: Three patented devices that eliminates the chore of manually scrubbing your bathtubs and showers. The process is patent pending. The patent has already been issued in China. There will be more patents for the components. The company name is already trademarked with matching domain name. In addition, Simple2Clean® owns about a dozen similar domain names.

Market: One of the three devices has an annual potential market size that exceeds 6M. This 6M accounts for only one section for this one device. And it is not the larger section of the overall market for this one device.

The total annual potential for all three devices is expected to reach 50M. This is the US market only. When introduced worldwide, the market is expected to multiply significantly.

Unit Cost/Unit Price: The design objective for the fully automated unit is to keep the gross unit cost below $175. This cost does not include installation of the fully automated system. The installation cost for new homes is estimated to be five (5) man-hours.

A professional and independent market analysis suggested a retail price well over $1,000.

A second market analysis of new home builders indicated that 85% of new home builders would offer it to their customers at this price as an option.

The unit costs for the other two units will be less than $175. Initially, the wholesale price is targeted for slightly less than $600.

Market Entry: The Company’s immediate needs are an experienced business team and funding. With a team and $250k, the company should reach the market in six months. The company has identified a very cost effective path to enter the market. Since this is a new market, the real demand is not known. But this same approach to the market will also measure the real market demand almost immediately. This approach will also permit Simpe2Clean® to build on demand; reducing startup costs and risks.

Competition: These three devices employ a simple, revolutionary but effective process for using common household cleaners. The next closest product to it is JC Johnson’s Scrubbing Bubbles shower cleaner. Due to its ineffectiveness, this shower cleaner is no longer being manufactured. In essence, the only direct competition is the manual scrubbing that is currently being used. When introduced to the new home buyers, the other options that a home buyer can choose will be the only real competition.

Financials: The finances depend strictly on the assumptions made. But, even the most conservative analysis proves that the potential for these products could generate billions in retail sales. Simple2Clean® to date is debt free and is offering a first round investment opportunity.

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