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[Category : - OTHER- RENEWABLE ENERGY- Bathroom]
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Of all the shower waste solutions currently on the market the Cullector is the only one that addresses all of the major waste problems inherent in typical showers.

There are approximately 900 different types of showers currently registered on the Australian Government WELS database.

Based on flow rate alone the Cullector is in the top 5% of all WELS products. When the Cullectors’ additional water saving features are taken into consideration it's clearly the standout water saving shower solution. It's designed to save water, power, money and the environment without sacrificing comfort.

The Cullector is the most efficient self powered shower available to the market.

1. Collect it. Collect the fresh water normally wasted during warm up time.
2. Use it. Use the collected water during the course of your shower to create a stronger fuller flow.
3. Time it. After 4 to 5 minutes all of the collected water has been used and a gentle pulse in the shower stream lets you know time is up.
4. Pause it. You can pause your shower at any time to soap up or shampoo without needing to adjust the taps.
5. Low flow. Experience a quality full flow shower at low flow rates.
6. Easy DIY. The Cullector simply replaces your existing shower. No drilling and no plumber required.

Awards and Media
90 Second Explainer video Link
2010 Winner of ABC New Inventors Episode Award Link
2011 Queensland What’s Your Big Idea Award
2011 Cullector is ranked number 20 in Australian Anthill Smart 100 Awards
2012 Queensland Tropical Innovation Award Peoples Choice Finalist
2014 Channel 7 Today Tonight Current Affairs Features the Cullector Link

Financial information

The Cullector is a proven product currently installed in over 400 homes across Australia. The Cullector is now ready to take to global markets.

Water scarcity is now a constant global reality. Population growth and climate change add further pressure on water resources. The growth in global demand for water saving products has never been as strong as it is today and pressure will continue to mount on Governments and consumers to adopt every option available to combat this escalating problem.

Patent protection in Australia and the USA provides confidence for secure growth.

Government Support and Crowd Funding
2007 Federal Government AusIndustry COMET Grant
2011 State Government QLD What’s Your Big Idea Award Grant
2014 Kickstarter Campaign successfully funds handheld version

I am looking for an outright sale but will consider an upfront payment and licensing agreement with any company that can demonstrate the willingness and the capacity to exploit the patents.

Initial market research determined the Cullector was commercially viable and a significant investment in R&D has been undertaken, including prototyping and testing.

A small manufacturing run was undertaken to enable the Cullector to be sold and field trialled in real life situations.

Results from customer satisfaction surveys clearly demonstrate purchasers are overwhelmingly satisfied and supportive of the product.

The Cullector has been tested by an independently accredited laboratory and as a result the Cullector has achieved WaterMark and WELS certification.

Intellectual Property to be transferred to purchaser
Australia Standard Patent: AU 2008258129
United States Standard Patent: US 8,517,056 B2
Trade Mark no. 1212924. The word “Cullector” Class 11
Engineering Drawings & 3D CAD
Domain names:,
List of sales, field trials and surveys
List of national and international distributor enquiries
Product Knowledge & Expertise provided by inventor

Reason for Sale
I'm passionate about the creation and development of products that contribute to an environmentally sustainable future. My business model does not include manufacturing, marketing or distribution.

If you believe the Cullector is a great fit with your existing product range and strategic direction or simply looking for a great new product to take to the market please contact me.

The Cullector provides environmental and financial benefit far beyond that of the initial user and is a necessary and timely inclusion to global water conservation.

Kind regards


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