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Pet waste pick up system

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As a consumer and pet lover of all animals , I have found a better way of ridding nasty pet waste and not to mention , extremely cost effective and extremely crunch time of which NO ONE has time .

I have costs on manufacturing and retail available .


Think of this AS , like purchasing a box of disposable rubber gloves ? Just to get your mind going and thinking about the pet owners who have to deal with it on a daily basis in their home .

No one wants unsanitary or poopy carpets or tiles ,etc . Especially with toddlers crawling around or guests arriving in 15 min ? MONEY to replace the carpet area or all , not to mention extremely expensive Persian rugs that could get ruined by water of the wet vacuums .

Light carpets and Persian rugs are extremely difficult to deal with when it comes to liquid pet waste type or soft stool . Not mention extremeley expensive replacement and clean up and extremely time consuming. Accidents happen.

YOU HAVE to be able to pick it up , without it meshing or SMEARING back into the carpet or area . Then clean as usual or however you want .FIRST THINGS FIRST , you have to pick it up period .

The Pet Waste Pick -Up System as you will see demonstrated in my video and understanding with the power point presentation will CLEARLY give you the visual and understanding .

INTRODUCTION : The Pet Waste Pick-Up System

I am Scott Avenarius and I would like to discuss the possibility about a product that I have . It completely helps consumers pick up pet waste , such as liquid-feces/diarrhea or vomit . Minimizing staining of carpeting by lifting the waste out instead of pressing the waste in. Also the product itself has a “refillable” aspect to it, which would be good for sales.

The two big selling features are 1) that the two cards “pinch” the waste from both sides, allowing you to get under it as much as you can to lift it up away from the carpet or floor; and 2) that the adhesive provides the advantage of both sticking the waste to it, to prevent it from sliding off and sticking to each other when you are done so that waste doesn’t slip down between them, especially for liquid waste..

Below is a short 2min video for the intended recipient (s) viewing .
Link d/1hLqu_ F6cqXvsNLjLP5StFRsn4QU8ySQIIQ/ view?usp=drivesdk

Link! Ap5a5334lCMQgi2rNYq8m4Yepjwy

REGISTERED - The Waste Pick-Up System
U.S. Provisional Pat. App. No. 62/537,685
Inventor/Scott Avenarius

*The Pet Waste Pick-Up System *
Scott Avenarius
*Cell 224-402-3274
*Email [Use the button below to contact me]

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