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W shaped cable driven and spring cushion dual axis solar tracker

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A dual axis solar tracker with 360 degree horizontal rotation enabled by a cross axis design. Two pairs of W shaped driven cables across the opposite corners of the module platform anchored to the ground with a spring cushion enable high resistance to the uplifting gust wind , Each pair of cable is connected to a cord reel fixed on the central pole wounded in opposite direction to exert a push and pull function. This has resolved the problem of limited horizontal rotary wheel angle, provided much higher wind resistance and a simple robust and reliable dual axis tracker. The benefit is better tracking horizontally, fit for typhoon and hurricane high wind region and a simple and reliable structure. .

Financial information

Option 1: Outright assign sale of all tracker patents above 360 Million USD

Option 2: License all patents with 200 USD Royalty per tracker made and 100 USD for crucial tracker controller circuit board.

All patents have not been sold or marketed before.
Yes, there are Trademarks related to our iPVita Tracker.

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