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Multi-Level Wind Farms, cheaper renewable hydrogen fuel/power

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A wind turbine station for generating electricity comprising a multi floor structure having open framing. Wind turbines are mounted on cantilevered platforms outside the structure about the outer periphery of the structure. In a preferred embodiment, the structure has an annular shape with an outer cylindrical or polygonal prism frame and an inner cylindrical or polygonal prism frame spaced from the outer frame.
The invention includes a method for building the station from inside.
The station is actually multi-level wind farms which exposes these wind farms to higher wind speeds, and increases the total output capacity. The invention, uses state of the art wind turbines either horizontal or vertical axis,.of sizes around 9.5 m dia rotors /height.

Financial information

- Reduces the costs of wind power several times.
- Reduces lands for current wind farms nearly 500 times.
-Generates very cheap alternative green fuel (Hydrogen)Barrel of Oil Equivalent (BOE) of decarbonated Hydrogen generated using wind output of WETSS (This patent) is ~ $20 /BOE
- ROA is estimated ~ 400 %
- Continuous, easy maintenance. Maintenance costs is 1% of construction costs
- Works for longer hours than current wind farm wind turbines and subject to much higher wind speed
- Cost of power is < 1cent /kWh
- Safer to wild life, birds
- No adverse impacts of environment
- Eliminates backup from fossil fuel.
- Provides cheapest alternative to fossil fuels and conventional power and energy.
- Easy to build and easy to maintain from inside using interior roads and ramps.
- Average output capacity of each multi-level wind farm tower is ~ 1000 MW.
- First application of WETSS geometry is the iconic Campus 2 of the Apple Inc.

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