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Accelerate car utilizing by Air

[Category : - Automotive Accessories ]
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The invention is related to a car, which will run by compressed air following the law of newton, vector,
vacuum and efficiency. No fuel will be needed.
We have created vacuum using cylinders fitted with exhaust fans which will run with high rpm to
produce air pressure. This pressure will run the car.
The cur will cause no air pollution as there will be no fuel burning. the fuel cost will be saved. The
vacuum system is much simpler than the fuel engine. So the cur will be much cheaper than fuel car and
the maintenance will also be easier. The car will produce high speed. So, this newer technology will
change our life, we hope.
My application no is 32/KOL/2012. The application is now in amended stage.

Financial information

This is a new invention. Some students of Egypt has prepared a model of car driven by air, following
more or less same technology. But as I applied for patent for my air car project earlier, and as my
application is amended by now, so I should be considered as first inventor. Now I am going to sell it.
I think my product will capture market enormously because, of its simplicity in structure, its cheapness,
and it will not affect our environment at all.
I have no trademark or website. I am intending to sell my project in such a way that the buyer can
prepare and modify the product as per their necessity.

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