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[Category : - Life-saving; Fire-fighting- Construction Processes & Equipment]
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A system for suppressing fires generated within air ducts. The system can include a duct with an aperture, a reservoir containing fire retardant material adjacent to the aperture, and a temperature-sensitive sidewall. The aperture can be sealed with the temperature-sensitive sidewall creating a temporary barrier to fluid communication with the interior of the duct and the reservoir. When a source of heat exists within the duct, the temperature-sensitive sidewall melts or ruptures, expelling fire retardant material. The temperature-sensitive sidewall can be a fusible plug or a frangible tube positioned within the duct in a non-obstructive fashion. The fire retardant material stored in the attached reservoir can be expelled into the interior of the duct, suppressing or retarding the source of heat in response to a temperature in excess to a predetermined value.

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