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Rear Mount Shelf Divider

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New Retail Shelf Divider
Retail Markets all over the world benefit greatly with selling many varieties of products on their store shelves. Supermarkets small shops, etc. Straight rows allows the workers to accurately identify the quantity of that item on the shelf. The customers can find the products that they are looking for. There are many shelf dividers out there that help alive this problem. Many. The only issue with these dividers is often they slow down or prevent customers from selecting items. The dividers have front walls with pushers maybe.
The dividers have to be installed and these are often expensive.
The Rear Mount Shelf Divider that I have designed is the only shelf divider that utilizes the back of the shelf for support. I have worked in a Retail Supermarket for 34 years and this is a game changer.

Financial information

Expected cost to produce each divider will be .10 to .15 each.
Retail for 1.00 each.
Most stores will need 3000.- 5000.

I am looking for either an outright sale or Royalties ties of this design Patent.

I have a web domain and a Logo as well. Not set up yet

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