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A piece of luggage to speed up airport security

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The present invention is in the technical field of suitcases and handbags with transparent compartment(s), in which the content can be viewed by security personnel. These compartments can be unfolded for security inspection, e.g., at the airport, and folded back when the inspection is finished thus covering the items stowed inside the compartments.
This compartment system for a piece of luggage facilitates the display of stowed items during, e.g., a security inspection. In addition, it maintains privacy and shows the stowed items only to authorized personnel. Furthermore, the present invention aims to significantly reduce time required for a security inspection of a piece of luggage.

Financial information

I am looking for a suitcase manufacturer who will buy the exlusive right for the priority filing day (29 October 2018 in Switzerland), for subsequent patent applications, for manufacture and sell suitcases with the invented compartment system.
I have an outright sale in mind, but I am open for dicussions.

The full text of the patent application including claims and drawings is available upon request.

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