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Rotating Lock Ring And Fixed Slider Hose Clamp

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About invention :- This present invention relates to field of hose clamp. This invention provide a mechanical rotating ring and slider type clamping arrangement.

Problem it solves :- Some industrial application are come with the hose fitting male and female socket type attachment which are connected to end of two hose pipes and made a continuous fluid flow if inserted into each other to form a joint.
Sleeve type clamp that complete covers the length of the clamp, except for the tightening means to affix the location of the clamp relative to the hose. But all these are made from metal which causes permanent damage to the hose pipe if used over the time. Also for the delicate hose pipe material like soft rubber tubes, etc. these clamps cannot be used.
Hose fitting comes in a wild variety, to secure the clamps to the hoses. Clamps with elastomeric piece overlapping the clamp to fix the clamp to the hose, but clamp enable to move circumferentially of the hose.

Benefits comparing the existing technology:- According to prior art it is observed that for the hose clamping process required lot of time to align then tighten and confirmed the secured grip. Also for tightening of metal clamp required seperate tools which needed to carry each time.
It is observed that, there is need to develop some system or mechanism to reduce the hose clamping time and make it easy and quick attached and detached hose fitting. This present invention reduces time of clamping and easy to attach and detach.

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