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A compass attachment

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About invention - This present invention relates to drawing instrument compass, more particularly it is an attachment used to attach the pen or pencil to draw an arc or circle. Thus the attachment eliminate the use of conventional compass.
Problems it solve - There are various types of compasses available, like a beam compasses is an instrument with a wooden or brass beam and sliding sockets or cursors for drawing and dividing circles larger than those made by a regular pair of compasses.
Scribe-compasses is an instrument used by carpenters and other tradesmen. Some compasses can be used to scribe circles, bisect angles and in this case to trace a line. It is the compass in the most simple form. Both branches are crimped metal. One branch has a pencil sleeve and other branch is crimped with a fine point protruding form the end. A wing nut on the hinge serves two purposes: first it tightens the pencil and secondly it locks in a desired distance when the wing nut is turned clockwise.
Loose leg wing dividers are made of all forged steel. The pencil holder, thumb screws, brass pivot and branches are all well built. They are used for scribing circles and stepping off repetitive measurements with some accuracy.
A proportional compass, also known as a military compass sector, was an instrument used for calculation from the end of the sixteenth century until the nineteenth century. It consist of two rulers that allow for mathematical calculation.
A reduction compass is used to reduce or enlarge patterns while conserving angles.
Benefits comparing the existing technologies - According to prior art it is observed that during drawing an arc or circle each time required drawing instrument compass, which needed to carry all the time.
It is observed that, there is a need to develop some mechanism which can be used as attachment to any writing aids lIke pen or pencil and enable to draw an arc or circle without using conventional drawing Instrument compass.

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