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There is herein described a Fischer-Tropsch reactor. More particularly, there is described a Fischer-Tropsch reactor that incorporates forced flow through a small pore, thick layer, monolith supported catalyst and high levels of heat transfer that is able to operate with high levels of catalyst effectiveness. The catalyst bed (103) is supported on a distinct porous structure (101) through which the syngas flow is forced and the catalyst layer has a thickness of more than 200 microns.

The attached document lists the various other patents linked to this technology, along with details and pictures of the UK stationed plant built to facilitate the conversion. All patents, along with the plant are for sale. Please contact us for additional information or to discuss your enquiry further.

This patent has been registered in the following countries:

Australia (pending)
Brazil (pending)
Eurasia (pending)
Europe (pending)
Malaysia (pending)

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