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Magetic Propulsion/ or Magnetic Drive

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Magnetic Propulsion/Drive was originally designed to solve most energy needs of rockets, satellites, rovers and drone technologies (on average a 7 year energy supply). After initial testing it was discovered the invention could be used to supply all electrical energy needs, including generators, alternators, industrial motors, electric cars, homes, or entire cities. A R&D Manufacturing Corporation (California) was dissolved December 2009. A R&D Manufacturing is today a DBA. It owns sole rights, and concepts to magnetic propulsion and rotational drive system.

Other than obtaining global patent right, A R&D Manufacturing has no current interest in mass production or supply of the innovation. Do to magnetic drives ramifications and future global energy needs A R&D manufacturing is willing to sell outright full patent rights, licenses etc. to those companies currently in or looking to get into the energy supply industry.

(note one size does not fit all generators, the apparatus needed to control the rotating shaft must be designed and patented before use and sell)

More Information:
My company makes the most advanced technologies in the world, all for defense industry; such inventions include advanced logic circuits (including 6 sided circuits not yet available on open market), Electromagnetic Pulse Propulsion systems, Antimatter and containment systems, nuclear lasers, etc. Been doing R&D work since 1986 for national defense.

Most inventions I have developed don’t reach open market at all, those that do I prefer to stay out of it (sell the rights, patents outright) which allows me to continue working on other projects.

In 2009 I invented Magnetic Propulsion/Magnetic Drive System to use in several other inventions, including the Electromagnetic Propulsion system (see below; Photos declassified by DOE and DOD. FY1995 first rockets to accelerate to speed of light using an EMP system onboard, and first tested December 2001.) I have also attached a simply diagram of the Magnetic Propulsion/Drive System design for use as a power source. Today it is used as a power drive and used to turn turbine engines in small rocket systems.

As you may have heard in the news there is growing debate over global warming and the need to remove more CO2 from the atmosphere. One of the largest contributors is automobiles. Some automobile companies are researching alternatives in electric cars (although mostly today in Asia). One major problem with the electric car is the need for continuous energy (as most people are not willing to plug and wait for a charge). Magnetic propulsion solves the problem.

Magnetic Propulsion itself cannot be patented (perpetual motion is not patentable even if it has a half-life of about 7 years), however the apparatus needed to control the RPMs can be patented in conjunction with in any future patent application and Magnetic Propulsion itself is unclassified meaning it can be used commercially.

Today if not for many politicians, future Presidents of the United States along with everyone that wants clean energy, magnetic drive would remain a secret.

1. Who’s your competition?
The entire Global Gas Industry and all those that currently make combustion engines; in 2009 when I first made magnetic propulsion work I created A R&D Manufacturing Corporation looking forward to a public offering in stock until Shell Oil and Exxon decided they wanted to buy out the entire corporate stock in a 500 million dollar offering. This would have left me with no profit, no corporation, and 8 years of research down the drain. To prevent this I dissolved A R&D Manufacturing and changed it to a simply DBA.

How much could/would you make if you controlled the sole rights and global patents to the next global energy boom; want to make a billion dollars a year for the next 20 years? I only want a firm 5 million to get on with my life and complete future work currently under development.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Thomas J Harris

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