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Indian patent no. 3623/MUM/2014. Reuters have reported a global alternative market of $100 billion. Link This patent solves a 100 year problem introduced by chemical based medicine (allopathy) represented by tumbling domino effect: “Humanity was deceived (Hath Blinded) sometime in the past and is living the lie associated with that deception. It is the act of blinding someone by bestowing lies upon people making them teach or preach those lies to future generation. The first domino is symbolic of the initial lie that was told. Each of the other dominos are symbolic of the generations of Man as the lie traveled through time The true cure of almost all diseases is hidden in alternative medicine. Allopathic industries have conspired since generations to suppress natural medicine. I have provided a great value to the system through my facebook profile. Link Please see these links to get an idea of the portal appearance. Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Some facts and data: 40% of American population is dependent on alternative medicine. 20% of Indian population is just dependent on homeopathy. 68% of world's population is officially suffering from some kind of health problem(WHO data). When allopathy entered the medicinal world few decades back only 18% of the world's population was sick and now this figure has risen to 68%. Allopathic medicines are just lethal chemicals in small quantities. There is no allopathic medicine that has got no side effects. They are just useful in some situations like emergencies and providing immediate relief in extreme pain situations. They will only provide symptomatic relief and will never treat the root cause of the disease. Reuters have reported a global alternative market of USD 100 billion.There is no disease in this world that cannot be treated, methods are just hidden.Alternative medicine is so powerful that it can eradicate 90% of diseases from the society. Around 2 billion people fall sick every year, many recover and many don't. Modern medicine research is very new and it knows just about 5-10 % of human body (tip of the iceberg). We need a complete new direction of medical research through alternative medicine

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