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Methods and apparatus for filtration, Industrial Filter

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This invention, methods and apparatus for filtration provides the fluid filtration through the flowing granular material or filtration of the flowing granular material through the flowing fluid. The improved apparatus comprises a body including a substance inlet tubular member for passage of substance into the body, a substance outlet tubular member for passage of substance out of the body, a fluid inlet tubular member for passage of fluid into the body, a fluid outlet device for passage of fluid out of the body, a fluid distribution member comprising a plurality of apertures (perforation), and a diaphragm.

The improved method and apparatus have many of the advantages of the fluid filtration through the movable filtering substance mentioned hereto fore and many novel features that result in the efficient, secured and convenient filtration of the fluid.

This apparatus for filtration can be used in the vertically position, but the apparatus can also be reconfigured to operate, for example, in the horizontal position.

The same improved apparatus successfully provides a possibility of the filtration "reversibility". i.e., the filtration (cleaning) of movable granular (arenaceous) substance (material) through the flowing fluid. For instance, such filtration (cleaning) of open-cast (strip) mined which for example , oil sand waste cleanup (or other types of mined) quarts, which for example, is massively used in the mechanical engineering, medical electric/electronic industry.

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