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Smart Socket - Smart Home

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Households and companies nowadays have numerous appliances or devices. When you plug those devices into a socket, they go on a standby mode while waiting for a person to use them, and during that time they waste energy even though they are not being used. AdvEne has found a low cost solution to end this problem and increase energy efficiency of common households and companies. There are several solutions already in the market, however, AdvEne's solution is much more efficient as well, it can also rotate (yes, rotate, and there is not a single socket out there that can do the same) and all is controlled through your smart phone. It is estimated that it will decrease the energy consumption anywhere from 10-30% depending on a number of variables. The best part of it is that it is protected with IP rights, which means only we can produce sockets that rotate (see the video in the link to understand the rotation better Link)

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