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Production of medical and prophylactic clothing

[Category : - DESIGN PATENTS]
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The formula of the utility model: a universal design that controls posture, sewn into the garments of the second layer of the upper part of the body (such as vests, jackets, jackets, sundresses, dresses, overalls) made of elastic elements, is intended for the prevention of spinal column diseases.rnThe design is universal, located between the main fabric and lining, except for a belt with a fastener, which is located at the waist level and is located outside. Fastening to clothes is carried out with the help of internal guides on the back at the level of the waist and armhole, the belt is fixed with the help of holes in the lining fabric at the waist level on the inside.rnThus, the internal structure limits the mobility of the spine in certain planes and, thus, prevents its further curvature. The tension of the straps is regulated and it is possible to choose the optimal degree of “straightening” of the initial state of the muscular framework. It is necessary to start with a little tension, which gradually needs to be strengthened to the maximum. Each time, the angle of rotation of the shoulder girdle will also increase. Muscles at the same time will not only receive the necessary load, but also relax.rnrnOnly the disadvantages of our existing design and compare with other types of proofreaders. All types of proofreaders, as a rule, are very tough, have restrictions on use during the day, get mixed up under clothes, in the case of children they are easily removed and put away in a briefcase, they are also hot and visible when removing the top layer of clothing.rnrnProper donning of clothes that control posture implies wearing it painlessly with shoulders wide. All elements and fasteners of the internal structure should be located on the body evenly and not twisted.rnThe lack of reclinators is also a high residual deformation of the loops (loops stretch during operation, their pulling properties weaken), as a result of which the average service life of products rarely exceeds 3-4 months. Often this affects soft elastic correctors.

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