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Audio cable, playback device and protective cover

[Category : - Audio - Video]
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The invention relates to a plug for connecting an audio cable to a portable playback device with a insertable into a socket of the playback device contact pin, which is provided with at least one contact surface with provided for connection to a cable and cable connections with the cable connections covering housing.

The invention further relates to an audio cable, an audio content playback device, and a protective cover for an audio content playback device.
Portable audio content players are well known. Such playback devices can receive the audio signals to be played back wirelessly or play a locally stored in the playback device audio content.

The playback devices may be portable radio receivers, mobile phones or devices specifically designed to play back locally stored audio content. Such players can be carried freely or housed by users in a bag of clothing worn by the users. Frequently such playback devices are also put in a pocket. An audio cable with speakers is plugged into the player. With earphones inserted into the auricle or with headphones attached to the ears, the user can then read while driving in a public transport or pursue another activity.

When the user is sitting, there is often a problem that lateral forces are exerted on the connectors in the trouser pocket, stressing the connector and the associated jack. In extreme cases, the plug can also break off.

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