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[Category : - Beauty, clothes & personal articles- Wearing apparel- DESIGN PATENTS]
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My name is Lena Oborina. I am the inventor and owner of the patent LADIES UNDERGARMENT AND FASTENER which allows women to wear clothes with OPEN BACK.
I have already received the patents in USA and Russia for 20 years. I am expecting to receive patents in European Union, Ukraine, China, India and Japan and other countries soon.
Now I am looking for the realization of this Patent in USA.
I am ready to answer the questions and open for cooperation.
Best wishes,
Lena Oborina
Tel +380503950712

A ladies undergarment in the form of a body, comprising shaping cups, support elements (1), a length adjuster (10), connecting means (2, 3), where, as support elements, only vertical support elements (1) are used, which fasten to the upper and lower side parts of the shaping cups with the aid of connecting means (2, 3), and connecting means (2) consists of a closed portion, which is sewn into a vertical support element (1), and an open portion having an elongated G-shape.

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