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Multi-Use Golf Device

[Category : - Golf]
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A multi-use golf device is able to be used as a golf tee and as a divot repair tool.

The multi-use golf device includes two portions that move relative to one another to change a configuration of the multi-use golf device. In a first configuration the multi-use device is generally extended and can hold a golf ball above a ground level. In a second configuration two portions of the multi-use golf device can be positioned near each other to repair a divot in a golf course putting green.

Our invention is a Golf Tee and a Divot Repair Tool - all in one!

Advertisement from our website:
Repair divots with your tee. Innovative golf tee and divot tool, raises the bar on multi-function golf tees! Tee Rex® is the world’s 1st adjustable divot repair tool, with advanced multi-function features. Get the ultimate golf gift today!

It’s a Divot Tool
Effortlessly fix your ball marks on the green with Tee Rex’s adjustable divot repair feature. Simply slide up or down, the golfer has ultimate control of the divot repair.

It’s a Golf Tee
Quickly tee up your ball perfect every time! Standard and longer tee lengths are available. The patented design allows for perfect tee placement every time.

Lasts Longer
Feel comfortable knowing that Tee Rex® is virtually unbreakable. Our product is manufactured in the USA, utilizing high quality plastic materials.

Save the Green
Repairs divot marks without damaging the green. Simply slide down the block to repair ball marks. Greenskeepers alike, will welcome Tee Rex® as the preferred ball mark repair method.

To learn more visit

Financial information

I invented the Tee Rex® Golf Tee - multi-use divot tool and golf tee.

I also own the Trademark "Tee Rex"

I am looking to sell my technology. Check out our website, there are lots of images and a video: Link

The technology includes:
* Production tees, they work great!
* US Patent No. US 8,764,587,B2
* US Trademark “Tee Rex” Serial #: 85206753
* Conforms with USGA Rules, Decision: 2014 – 253
* We have several thousand production parts available
* Website:

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