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The present invention, as mentioned in the title, relates to an automatic horizontal stabilizer for cameras; that is to say, it relates to a device that, automatically after pushing a button, places the camera in horizontal position ensuring photos can be taken in a position parallel to the horizontal plane.

Traditionally, when stabilizing a camera horizontally, users do it using a support device known as a tripod.
To guide the user on the degree of inclination of the camera mounted on the tripod head, it may incorporate one or more bubble levels. Thus, if the user wishes to place the camera in a stable horizontal position, he must adjust manually the position of the tripod head following the indication of the bubble level.

When the user moves the tripod to a new placement, he must re-adjust the tripod following the described process in order to place the camera in horizontal stable position again. Repeating the manual adjustment process has drawbacks such as losing agility during the photography session or losing the opportunity to photograph an ephemeral subject. In addition, the process offers a wide margin for error and can be difficult in dark or low light conditions (such as photography at night).

The purpose of the automatic stabilizing device included in this patent is to facilitate the adjustment process by offering automatic horizontal stabilization at the touch of a button. It works whether it is mounted on a tripod or placed on any other stable surface. The existence of any device or any other invention with similar functional or technical features to those presented herein is unknown to the applicant.

Financial information

The market potential of this design patent is huge: this device is of interest to anyone who owns a camera or a tripod. It automates the stabilization functions of a tripod just by pushing a button.

This is applicable not only to camera owners but also to smartphone owners.

The photography market does not launch truly new and innovative products very often and this device really is an all-new product.

The economic conditions of this design patent will be discussed with people that show real interest.

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